Postoperative rehabilitation of neurosurgical patients after spinal cord surgery – results of our own study
Fantalis D., Bordovsky S.P., Preobrazhenskaya I.S.
Comparative assessment of the intra- and early postoperative period in patients of elderly and old age after various methods of surgical treatment of large benign prostatic hyperplasia
Kostenkov N.Y., Nevirovich E.S., Gorelik S.G., Kuzmin I.V., Novitsky A.V., Tkachuk I.N.
Therapy correction of concerned chronic heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in a patient with first identified pulmonary tuberculosis. Case report
Bagisheva N.V., Mordyk A.V., Trukhan D.I., Viktorova I.A., Moiseeva M.V.
Diagnostics and management of patients with type 2 myocardial infarction
Reznik E.V., Golubev Y.Y., Mikhaleva L.M.
Fighting against antimicrobial resistance: focus on improving the efficiency of treatment of respiratory infections in outpatient settings
Editorial B.
Treatment of chronic migraine and neck pain with cognitive-behavioral therapy. Case report
Golovacheva V.A., Golovacheva A.A.
The possibilities of wide-range MSCT in assessing the invasion of mediastinal structures in giant neoplasms of the thoracic organs
Koroleva I.M., Parshin V.D., Mukhamatullina E.Z., Mishchenko M.A.
COVID-associated cognitive impairments: A review
Preobrazhenskaya I.S.
New approaches to the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections and the prevention of bacterial complications: A review
Miroshnichenko N.A., Lvov N.I.
Stenosis of the trunk of the left coronary artery in idiopathic pulmonary hypertension. Case report
Ivanov S.N., Edemskiy A.G., Vasiltseva O.Y., Chernyavskiy A.M., Kalashnikova M.V., Seletskaya S.V.
Irritable bowel syndrome: current aspects of etiology, pathogenesis, clinic and treatment: A review
Trukhan D.I., Goloshubina V.V.
Typical practice for managing patients with fibromyalgia
Nasonova T.I., Parfenov V.A., Mukhametzyanova A.K.
B vitamins and diseases of the nervous system: A review
Kamchatnov P.R., Chugunov A.V., Kabanov A.A.
Dermatological toxicity of acute lymphoblastic leukemia treatment by protocol ALL IC-BFM 2002
Valiev T.T., Belysheva T.S.
Questions of effective treatment of fibromyalgia. Case report
Nasonova T.I., Romanov D.V., Isaykin A.I.
Esthesioneyroblastoma. Retrospective analysis of 10 observations
Ognerubov N.A., Antipova T.S., Ognerubova M.A.
Ipidacrine efficacy in diabetic polyneuropathy complex treatment: A review
Zinovyeva O.E., Egorov P.D., Penkina A.I., Guseinov S.S.
The effectiveness of the use of superelastic nitinol stapedial prostheses in comparison with titanium ones in the surgical treatment of patients with otosclerosis
Diab K.M., Daikhes N.A., Pashchinina O.A., Kokhanyuk S.V., Smirnova A.V., Zukhba A.G.
Syndrom Parry–Romberg: clinical case of a rare disease
Perlamutrov Y.N., Volkova S.B., Olhovskaya K.B., Godzenko T.A.
Keloid scars. Modern aspects of diagnosis and treatment
Taganov A.V., Bragina A.V.
Late acne in women: patients of gynecologists, endocrinologists or dermatologists?
Golousenko I.Y.
About treatment tactics for acute rhinosinusitis in adult patients, including pregnant women, during the period of accelerating antibiotic resistance
Ovchinnikov A.l., Miroshnichenko N.A., Nikolaeva Y.O.
Varicose veins: 20 years later
Kirienko A.I., Gavrilov S.G., Zolotukhin I.A.
A case of long-term staged treatment of a patient suffering from a peptic ulcer of the gastroduodenal zone. Case report
Semenov D.Y., Did-Zurabova E.S., Osmanov Z.K., Pankova P.A., Kulikov D.V., Polevaya E.V.
Dyslipidemia. Barriers on the way of the patient to the implementation of medical recommendations
Sumarokov A.B.
Modern approaches to the use of torasemide in cardiovascular diseases
Baryshnikova G.A., Chorbinskaya S.A., Stepanova I.I.
Tension type headache diagnosis and treatment in general practitioner outpatient practice
Osipova V.V.
Anaerobic non-clostridial infection of soft tissue and musculoskeletal system
Blatun L.A., Mitish V.A., Paskhalova Y.S., Terekhova R.P., Zvyagin A.A., Ushakov A.A., Magomedova S.D., Borisov I.V., Sokov S.L., Kachanzhi A.P., Munos Sepeda P.A.
Possibilities of pathogenetic therapy of patients with inflammatory diseases of the paranasal sinuses
Svistushkin V.M., Nikiforova G.N., Shevchik E.A., Zolotova A.V., Dedova M.G., Karpova O.I.
Actual aspects of the use of thulium laser as a promising method in the treatment of prostatic hyperplasia
Shiryaev A.A., Govorov A.V., Vasilyev A.O., Kolontarev K.B., Pushkar D.Y.
Panniculitis in the practice of an internist and a dermatologist (a lecture)
Egorova O.N., Belov B.S.
Shostak N.A., Klimenko A.A., Andriyashkina D.l., Demidova N.A.
Hepatic encephalopathy, diagnostics, differential diagnostics and therapy with ornithine
Maksimova E.V., Kliaritskaia I.L.
Personalized approach to patients with anogenital warts treatment
Khryanin A.A., Reshetnikov O.V.
Disseminated tuberculosis in the late stages of HIV infection: diagnosis and course of generalized disseminated tuberculosis in combination with other secondary opportunistic diseases in a patient with HIV infection and drug dependence (clinical case)
Mishina A.V., Mishin V.Y., Ergeshov A.E., Levchenko M.V.
Clinical characteristics of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease treated in pulmonology departments in the Kazan city
Vizel A.A., Salakhova I.N., Vafina A.R., Vizel I.Y., Ilinskiy V.I., Kudryavtseva E.Z., Sergeev V.A.
The use of Carnicetine in patients with diabetic polyneuropathy
Kamchatnov P.R., Kabanov A.A., Khanmurzaeva S.B., Chugunov A.V., Khanmurzaeva N.B.
School disadaptation in pediatric and neurologiс practice
Nesterovskiy Y.E., Zavadenko N.N., Shipilova E.M., Suvorinova N.Y.
Rehabilitation on the Southern coast of the Crimea. Whether it is actual today?
Dudchenko L.S., Belyaeva S.N., Shubina L.P., Pirogova M.E., Maslikova G.G., Kovalchuk S.I.
VIII International Conference of the World Association of Sarcoidosis and other granulomatous lung diseases: current understanding of sarcoidosis
Vizel I.Y., Vizel A.A.
Heartburn pregnant therapy: focus on alginate
Trukhan D.I., Grishechkina I.A.
Community-acquired pneumonia: basic questions of tactics, diagnosis and treatment
Kutsenko M.A.
Lifestyle modification, training and self-control as important components of diabetes treatment and improvement of patients life quality
Volkova E.A., Vorokhobina N.V., Malygina O.F.
Dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors use in clinical practice
Morgunova T.B., Fadeyev V.V.
Review of updated clinical guidelines for the treatment of patients with osteoarthritis: focus on the topical nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Pogozheva E.I., Amirdzhanova V.N., Karateev A.E.
Original Article Entomotherapy bidirectional effect in chronic prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia management
Kulchavenya E.V., Breusov A.A.
Akarachkova E.S., Kotova O.V., Beliaev A.A.
Neuromethabolic therapy in patients with chronic cerebrovascular disorders
Tyazhelnikov A.A., Osmayeva Z.K., Kamchatnov P.R., Chugunov A.V.
Vybor effektivnogo diuretika dlya terapii khronicheskoy serdechnoy nedostatochnosti na ambulatornom etape: dovody v pol'zu torasemida
Larina V.N.
Atrial fibrillation in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: modern aspects of epidemiology, risk factors, pathogenesis and medication-assisted treatment
Streltsova A.A., Gudkova A.Y., Kostareva A.A.
Radon therapy in complex treatment and rehabilitation of patients with chronic cystitis
Neymark A.I., Neymark B.A., Koltakov A.S., Kablova I.V., Nozdrachev N.A., Kondrateva Y.S.
Musculoskeletal pain: actual aspects of treatment at the stage of primary medical care
Trukhan D.I.
Panniculita in rheumatological practice
Belov B.S., Egorova O.N., Savushkina N.M., Karpova Y.A., Radenska-Lopovok S.G.
Features of the pharmacological actions and the use of dipyridamole in the prevention and treatment of viral infections
Kareva E.N.
Bacterial prostatitis and prostatic fibrosis: modern view on the treatment and prophylaxis
Zaitsev A.V., Pushkar D.Y., Khodyreva L.A., Dudareva A.A.
Efficacy and safety of alphacalcidol for treatment of deficient states and functional impairments in postmenopausal women (literature review)
Pestrikova T.Y., Yachinskaya T.V.
Can the generic drugs application increase the treatment compliance in patients?
Grigoreva N.Y., Kuznetsov A.N., Maiorova M.V., Yarkova N.A.
Cryosurgery for prostate cancer
Govorov A.V., Vasilyev S.O., Pushkar D.Y.
New possibilities in the treatment of hypertension
Chukaeva I.I., Ahmatova F.D.
Iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women is a problem of the past and the present
Sumyatina L.V., Skvortsova M.Y., Denisova T.V.
Aminodihydrophthalazinedione sodium in prevention, therapy and rehabilitation of patients with respiratory diseases
Trukhan D.I., Bagisheva N.V., Mordyk A.V., Nebesnaya E.Y.
The possibility of the use of the flurbiprofen in patients with dorsalgia
Chugunov A.V., Kamchatnov P.R., Khanmurzayeva S.B., Shemshetdinova A.M.
Iron deficiency anemia in the practice of a gastroenterologist and surgeon: current aspects of diagnostics and treatment
Trukhan D.I., Degovtsov E.N., Nikonenko V.A., Samoilov D.V.
Pizova N.V.
Lamotrigine in the practice of an adult epileptologist
Belova Y.A., Rudakova I.G.
ECG-telemetry - new horizons for cardiovascular screening and diagnostics
Ryabykina G.V., Vishnyakova N.A., Sozykin A.V., Kozlovskaya I.L., Tschaikovskaya O.Y., Mostovnek M.V., Kogemyakina E.S.
General principles and guidelines for the management and treatment of patients with gout on the basis of updated European recommendations
Tsurko V.V., Gromova M.A.
Actual aspects of bronchial asthma diagnostics at the stage of primary health care assistance
Trukhan D.I., Bagisheva N.V.
Mechanisms of chronic pain development. Approaches to prevention and treatment
Kukushkin M.L.
Blood pressure indices and sleep quality in elderly patients with chronic cerebral ischemia and arterial hypertension on the background of treatment with Pantocalcin (gopanthenic acid). The results of the PLATON noninterventional observational program
Kamchatnov P.R., Azimova Y.E., Ostroumova O.D.
The optimal approach to the treatment of autonomic disorders in cardiology practice
Troshina D.V., Volel B.A., Kopylov F.Y.
The role of the active metabolite of vitamin D (alfacalcidol) in the treatment of deficiency states and functional disorders
Dydykina I.S., Dydykina P.S., Kovalenko A.A.
Modern features of acute rhinosinusitis in children
Zolotova A.V., Svistushkin V.M.
Pill in the pocket": the pros and cons
Syrov A.V.
Principles of diagnosis and treatment of urogenital fistulas in women (literature review)
Loran O.B., Seregin A.V., Dovlatov Z.A.
Adhesive otitis as a consequence of inflammatory diseases of the nasopharynx and the middle ear
Levina E.A.
Differentiated approach to the treatment of sore throat
Maltseva G.S.
Strategies to enhance the treatment of lacunar stroke
Maksimova M.Y., Airapetova A.S.
Dydykina I.S., Zotkin E.G., Kovalenko P.S.
Belov B.S., Tarasova G.M.
Changes in markers of liver damage in the treatment of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis with multiple drug resistance of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Abdullaev R.Y., Komissarova O.G., Chumakova E.S., Odinets V.S.
Modern aspects of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease patients treatment
Dicheva D.T., Kuznetsova E.I.
Diagnosis and treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: a review of European guidelines in 2016
Andreev D.N., Maev I.V., Dicheva D.T., Kuznetsova E.I.
Epicondylitis: current issues of diagnosis and treatment in phase of rendering primary health care
Trukhan D.I.
Efficacy and safety of nimesulide for the treatment of patients with dorsopathy
Kamchatnov P.R., Kazakov A.Y., Chugunov A.V.
Irritable bowel syndrome. Rome criteria IV
Maev I.V., Cheremushkin S.V., Kucheryavy Y.A., Cheremushkina N.V.
Modern endovascular technologies and long-term prognosis in patients with left main coronary artery disease
Vlasov V.Y., Rudenko B.A., Shanoyan A.S., Mazaev V.P., Akhadova A.S., Shukurov F.B.
Comparative evaluation of different treatment regimens of sarcoidosis: analysis of real clinical practice
Vizel A.A., Vizel I.Y.
Diagnosis and treatment of chronic cerebral ischemia
Fedin A.I.
Vulvovaginal infections: problems of pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment
Kuznetsova I.V., Uspenskaya Y.B., Kaptilny V.A.
Seronegative spondyloarthropathies - new options in the diagnosis and treatment
Shostak N.A.
Review of the experience of using herbal drugs for the treatment of acute rhinosinusitis from the standpoint of evidence-based medicine
Bachert C.
Tension headache: clinic, diagnosis, treatment
Kotova O.V., Belyaev A.A., Akarachkova E.S.
Diabetic foot osteomyelitis: surgical treatment versus prolonged antibacterials - point of view
Tsvetkov V.O., Kolovanova O.V., Mikayelyan L.S., Gambaryan K.U., Soloveva A.M.
New opportunities of the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the pharynx
Sobolev V.P., Karpova O.Y., Artamonova P.S.
Efficacy and safety of patients with low back pain treatment
Kamchatnov P.R., Chugunov A.V., Umarova K.Y.
Differential diagnosis and treatment of hepatic encephalopathy
Viuchnova E.S., Babina S.M.
Perioperative indicators of quality of life in patients with localized kidney cancer
Alekseeva G.N., Kiku P.F., Yudin S.V., Shcherbakova L.S.
Analysis of the work of the neural rehabilitation department of "Zelenaya roshcha" sanatorium for 2011-2015
Novikova L.B., Lisovskaia T.N., Sharapova K.M., Yuldashbaeva Z.K.
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