Vol 19, No 7-1 (2017)


Sepsis: clinical and pathophysiological concept, diagnosis and intensive care

Gelfand B.R., Protsenko D.N., Gelfand E.B.
Consilium Medicum. 2017;19(7-1):8-14
pages 8-14 views

Antibiotic stewardship program for inpatient care. Clinical guidelines for Moscow hospitals

Yakovlev S.V., Zhuravleva M.V., Protsenko D.N., Beloborodov V.B., Briko N.I., Brusina E.B., Gusarov V.G., Eliseeva E.V., Zamyatin M.N., Zyryanov S.K., Kukes V.G., Popov D.A., Sidorenko S.V., Suvorova M.P.
Consilium Medicum. 2017;19(7-1):15-51
pages 15-51 views

Review Current state of the problem of chronic venous diseases of the lower extremities

Kudykin M.N.


The paper discusses current data on epidemiology, pathogenesis, and clinical manifestations of chronic venous disease of the lower extremities. A comparative analysis of various phlebotrophic drugs for the treatment of manifestations of chronic venous disease and chronic venous insufficiency, discusses the benefits of micronized purified flavonoid fraction for the treatment of all classes of chronic venous diseases.
Consilium Medicum. 2017;19(7-1):52-56
pages 52-56 views

Modern views on the pathogenesis, treatment and types of hemorrhoids

Rivkin V.L.


Hemorrhoids are the most common human diseases. Nowadays, we know the important details of the pathogenesis of the disease to explain arterial bleeding from hemorrhoids. In the treatment of hemorrhoids we use ambulatory procedure such as sclerotherapy and elastic ring ligation of internal hemorrhoids. These methods combined with modern local drugs (such as Relief®) reduce the need for radical hemorrhoidectomy.
Consilium Medicum. 2017;19(7-1):57-61
pages 57-61 views

Ultrasonic treatment and application of collagen in the treatment of experimental chronic osteomyelitis

Glukhov A.A., Andreev A.A., Malkina N.A.


Osteomyelitis remains a complex problem of modern surgery, despite complex approaches to its prevention and treatment, the number of infectious complications in fractures reaches 12%, and recurrence of the disease - 30%. The article presents experimental work, the goal, which was the study of new approaches to the treatment of chronic osteomyelitis, based on the use of ultrasound treatment and collagen. The study was carried out on 210 white rats in 5 groups: in the 1st control group, the treatment of chronic osteomyelitis was not performed, in the 2nd control group the surgical sanation of the focus was performed, in the 1st experimental group, surgical sanation with ultrasonic treatment was used, in the 2nd group After the surgical sanation collagen was introduced into the experimental group, in the third test group, ultrasound treatment was performed together with the collagen. The developed complex method of treatment of chronic osteomyelitis, based on the use of ultrasound treatment and collagen, to the 120th day allows to normalize the general condition of animals, to shorten the healing time of defects. The parameters of clinical blood analysis are normalized, the balance of oxidative stress is observed, the indices of mineral metabolism testify to the active process of bone structure resorption and subsequent osteogenesis. As a result of the X-ray study, a decrease in the zones of osteoporosis and osteosclerosis is revealed, clear boundaries of the cortical layer are traced, there are no sequestrants and defects are filled with new bone tissue. Morphological examination accelerates the synthesis of collagen, the formation of granulation tissue, improved microcirculation, there is a resorption of infiltration. Morphometric results of the study indicate an increase in the isolation of bone and prevention of bone structure redistribution.
Consilium Medicum. 2017;19(7-1):62-70
pages 62-70 views

Calcium dobesilate: possibility of therapy of chronic venous disease

Stoiko Y.M., Gudymovich V.G.


In a review article devoted to phlebotropic therapy in the treatment of patients with chronic venous insufficiency of the lower extremities are considered one of the drugs of this group - calcium dobesilate. Analysis of domestic and foreign literature indicates the effectiveness of its use in patients of this category, as evidenced by a number of international studies and the inclusion of the drug in the Russian clinical practice guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic venous diseases. The mechanism of action, providing anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic effects, allows to use it not only in phlebology. Multimedialne action of calcium dobesilate allows its use both as a vasoprotector in patients with diabetic retinopathy and nephropathy.
Consilium Medicum. 2017;19(7-1):71-74
pages 71-74 views

Ventilator-associated pneumonia: antibacterial therapy with short courses

Beloborodov V.B., Sinikin V.A.


Ventilator-associated pneumonia is one of the current problems of intensive care due to high prevalence, insufficient treatment effectiveness, additional costs associated with lengthening stay in the intensive care unit and inpatient. Antibiotic therapy significantly reduces mortality and costs, provided that it is adequate in spectrum and optimality for duration. This analytical review is devoted to the discussion of the optimal duration of antibiotic therapy.
Consilium Medicum. 2017;19(7-1):75-80
pages 75-80 views

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