Vol 19, No 11 (2017)


Conference paper XXVII Congress of the European respiratory society. The art of breathing

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9-13 сентября 2017 г. в Милане прошло самое ожидаемое и значимое событие в мире пульмонологии - ежегодный Международный конгресс Европейского респираторного общества, который посетили свыше 22 тыс. делегатов. Программа конгресса была насыщенной и предлагала разные форматы мероприятий: симпозиумы, разборы клинических случаев, сессии по эндоскопии, образовательные форумы, мастер-классы, встречи с экспертами и т.д. Яркими и информационно насыщенными оказались организованные компанией «Берингер Ингельхайм» симпозиум «Looking to the future: How can we improve clinical practice in COPD?» - «Взгляд в будущее: как можно улучшить клиническую практику ХОБЛ?» и пресс-конференция «L'Arte di Respirare» - «Искусство дышать».
Consilium Medicum. 2017;19(11):8-9
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Clinical features of tinnitus in patients with cochlear implant

Yanov Y.K., Korneenkov A.A., Levina E.A., Serova E.E., Levin S.V., Kuzovkov V.E., Astashchenko S.V.


Objective - to investigate the association between patient age, duration and etiology of hearing loss on buzzing and ringing in ears dynamics in patients after cochlear implantation. Actuality. Most of the studies confirm that cochlear implant use results in significant buzzing and ringing in ears decrease. Still there are cases of tinnitus development (up to 3%) or increase (from 1 to 9%) after cochlear implantation. Most of these differences are explained with the complex mechanism of tinnitus development that should be taken into account in cochlear implantation clinical outcome prognosis. The aim of the study is to present the main results of factors influencing the tinnitus severity after cochlear implantation analysis. Materials and methods. From 2013 to 2015 cochlear implantation was performed in 385 patients with stage 4 bilateral sensorineural hearing loss who presented with buzzing and ringing in ears. The severity of hearing loss was evaluated with visual analogue scale questionnaires. Among factors presumed to affect the changes in tinnitus intensity patients’ sex and age, hearing loss (deafness) duration and tinnitus severity and etiology were evaluated. Results. According to the study results, positive prognosis markers of cochlear implantation in patients with tinnitus in severe hearing loss rehabilitation include severe hearing loss (stage 4) and deafness duration of less than 2 years. Conclusion. The study provides evidence of new indication for effective cochlear implantation use in patients with unilateral deafness and severe tinnitus.
Consilium Medicum. 2017;19(11):10-15
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Combined corticosteroid use in chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyposis therapy

Ryazantsev S.V., Budkovaya M.A.


The article reviews chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyposis conservative treatment regimen of corticosteroid use. A combined treatment regimen of corticosteroid therapy was developed according to present guidelines. The regimen was used in 245 patients’ treatment in Saint Petersburg scientific research Institute of ear, throat, nose and speech. The results of the study showed high effectiveness and safety of short term metilprednisolone use combined with 6 months use of intranasal corticosteroid (Nasonex®) and irrigation therapy with saltwater.
Consilium Medicum. 2017;19(11):16-20
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Reabilitation of patients in cochlear implantation

Yanov Y.K., Kuzovkov V.E., Kliachko D.S., Gaufman V.E.


Aim. This study aims to compare the major role is played by the following objective fitting methods for such CI-users: registration of electrically evoked compound action potentials (eCAP), electrically evoked stapedial reflexes (eSRT), electrically evoked auditory brain stem responses (eABR). Materials and methods. This study includes 100 patients after CI-users, aged between from 12 and to 55 years old. Participants primarily patients were initially fitted in accordance with subjective maximum comfortable loudness (MCL) levels. Results. Results show that the correlation between in eSRT and MCL levels was accounts to 0.87. Correlation between eCAP and MCL was accounts to 0.52. To evaluate the MCL thresholds with eABR, we used 3-5 supraliminal stimuli were applied on 2, 5, and 10 electrodes, respectively. The correlation between the subjective MCL levels and the calculated MCL levels was 0.86. Conclusion. As can be seen from the above, there has been a with the significant increase of fitting objective methods accuracy in the audiological performance of CI-users patients after following the application of cochlear implantation notably improve objective fitting methods.
Consilium Medicum. 2017;19(11):21-25
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The value of bacterial lysates in the treatment and prevention of respiratory infections in children

Germanova O.N.


This article explores the issues of immunotherapy and immunoprophylaxis of acute respiratory infections (ARI) in children. The data of literature about the effectiveness of bacterial lysates for immunotherapy and immunoprophylaxis of ARI in children. The drug of choice was the OM-85, which leads to a reduction of respiratory diseases, risk of the complicated course of ARI, exacerbations of chronic foci of infection of ENT organs. The efficacy and safety of OM-85 in children with ARI have been shown in several clinical studies.
Consilium Medicum. 2017;19(11):26-28
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Modern aspects of diagnosis and surgical treatment of laryngeal hyperplastic processes

Nazhmudinov I.I., Garashchenko T.I., Serebryakova I.Y., Magomedova K.M., Kulikov I.O., Guseynov I.G.


The article considers endolaryngeal methods of surgical treatment of hyperplastic processes in the larynx using modern technologies, both for diagnosis and for surgical treatment. Author's methods of endolaryngeal interventions with the use of CO2-laser are presented. The results are analyzed in the postoperative and long-term periods.
Consilium Medicum. 2017;19(11):29-33
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Protected" aminopenicillins use in updated low respiratory tract infections treatment regimen: keeping position

Zaitsev A.A.


The article concerns the role of "protected" aminopenicillins use in community-acquired low respiratory tract infections. The pharmacological characteristics of amoxicillin/clavulanate, effectiveness and safety of its use in community-acquired pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease exacerbation treatment are discussed. The article also presents updated data on pneumococcus antibiotic resistance and discusses the high dose therapy with aminopenicillin in patients with risk factors of drug-resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae infection. The approach to empiric antibiotic therapy use in patients with community-acquired pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease exacerbation in the context of present guidelines is presented.
Consilium Medicum. 2017;19(11):34-38
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Occupational malignant tumors of the lungs and other organs and potentially dangerous industrial carcinogens

Babanov S.A., Budash D.S., Baykova A.G., Ryzhova N.S.


The article focuses on a challenging issue of occupational pathology, pulmonology and oncology - occupational malignant tumors of the lungs. The leading factors of cancerogenesis and industrial processes that result in occupational malignant lung tumors development are discussed.
Consilium Medicum. 2017;19(11):39-46
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Therapy of cough in children in ambulatory practice. Overview of the meeting of the discussion club

Geppe N.A., Soroka N.D., Simonova O.I., Il'enkova N.A., Karpovoy E.P., Kovrigina E.S., Degtyareva M.V., Zaytseva O.V., Etkina E.I., Kolosova N.G., Malakhov A.B.
Consilium Medicum. 2017;19(11):47-55
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The giant frontoethmoidal osteoma

Karpishchenko S.A., Bolozneva E.V., Fatalieva A.F.


The article presents a case report of successful surgical treatment of giant frontoethmoidal osteoma. We didn't use the conversion in the external approach. The frontal sinus surgery was performed by endoscopic endonasal surgery under the control of image guidance. Circumoral oedema developed in the early postoperative period, which successfully stopped with the use of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory therapy.
Consilium Medicum. 2017;19(11):56-58
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Tuberculosis and HIV co-infection

Mishin V.Y., Mishina A.V., Levchenko M.V., Sobkin A.L., Ergeshov A.E.


The article presents the results of 24 months follow-up of 178 newly diagnosed patients with tuberculosis with HIV stage IV co-infection. The disease duration was from 1 to 5 years, 79.8% of patients were using intravenous drugs and had hepatitis B and C infection. Antiretroviral therapy was not used in 86.5% of patients. Disseminated (28.8%) or infiltrative (30.5%) pulmonary tuberculosis was diagnosed in most cases. In 41.6% of patients extrapulmonary tuberculosis was also found, in 39.3% of patients pulmonary tuberculosis was comorbid with other secondary HIV-associated diseases. Complex therapy resulted in clinical cure in 9% of patients, in significant improvement in 53.9% of patients, in 6.7% the disease was progressing and 30.3% of patients died during the follow-up. Disease progressing and lethal outcome were associated with low antiretroviral therapy adherence, drug addiction, severe and advanced pulmonary tuberculosis with extrapulmonary tuberculosis and other HIV-associated diseases.
Consilium Medicum. 2017;19(11):59-63
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